UHC Annual Conference 2013






October 17-18
Hyatt Regency Atlanta | Atlanta, GA

Thank you for attending the UHC Annual Conference 2013. More than 1,300 UHC members and 300 supplier sponsors came together in Atlanta for this unique, fast-paced exchange of winning ideas.

Updated materials are now available to help keep the pulse of innovation going within our organizations!

Featured Keynote Presentations

Two nationally recognized speakers who have their fingers on the pulse of health care and innovation presented their ideas, plans, and proven strategies for success at the UHC Annual Conference 2013, "Pulse."

Go wireless
ERIC TOPOL, MD, chief academic officer of Scripps Health, discussed how the digital revolution is improving health care. Topol’s background in cardiology, genomics, and technology makes him uniquely qualified to help you visualize a new kind of wireless medicine.

His new book, The Creative Destruction of Medicine: How the Digital Revolution Will Create Better Health Care, reveals how social networking, smartphones, and tools that sequence each individual's genome will revolutionize medicine. Topol is working to bring a new kind of medicine into widespread practice: specifically designed treatments based on an individual’s unique genetic structure.

Harness creativity
Drawing from his experiences as General Manager at IDEO, the award-winning firm that helped create the Apple mouse and other boundary-breaking products, seasoned innovation practitioner TOM KELLEY presented ideas on how to foster a culture of creativity and develop processes for continuous innovation. 
Kelley's experience in managing innovation led him to write 2 books: in The Art of Innovation, he describes IDEO's "deep dive" approach to successful product creation, focusing on brainstorming and teamwork as invaluable tools. In The Ten Faces of Innovation, he presents 10 strategies for making sure good ideas are implemented.


Conference attendees joined together at the Member Celebration to applaud the accomplishments of all UHC members and give special recognition to the 2013 award winners. You will need your UHC login to see the winners.

UHC Annual Conference Presentations

All available rapid-fire presentations and posters are posted online for your convenience. Also available is the presentation for Friday morning’s Joint Commission Update. You will need your UHC login to access the presentations and posters.

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UHC Annual Conference - Contact the Annual Conference Staff
Cindy White - vice president, Member Relations and Business Development
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