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Our Media contacts can recommend and coordinate an interview with an appropriate expert. UHC specializes in providing interviews on issues facing health care organizations today. Topics may include:

  • supply chain
  • group purchasing
  • national performance improvement efforts
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    UHC Products & Services

    UHC offers an array of performance improvement products and services to support today's changing health care environment. Powerful databases provide comparative data in clinical, operational, faculty practice management, financial, patient safety, and supply chain areas to aid in responsible health care delivery. UHC's programs such as Imperatives for Quality collaborate with CMS to work with hospitals on improving patient care nationwide.

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    Nationally Recognized UHC Research Institute™

    With UHC serving as a data hub for many of our leading national academic medical centers, it is no surprise that members turn to UHC for reliable and comparative data for their renowned research.  And, through UHC's newest innovative offering, UHC's Research Institute,™ hospitals are provided the knowledge and insights to lead the way in improving the nation's health care delivery system.

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    Data and Logo Usage

    Participants in UHC's services and databases have made contractual agreements regarding public use of UHC data. See policy for details. UHC permits the use of its logo within specified guidelines. Send a written request to Marketing Services describing the manner in which the logo will be used, along with a requested time frame. UHC will provide written approval by e-mail. For a copy of the logo, for media use, please contact us. The UHC corporate logo is a registered trademark of UHC.

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    Sue Hendrix - senior director, Marketing
    Elida Solis - senior specialist, Marketing

    Sue Hendrix, Elida Solis

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    Media Contact

    Sue Hendrix
    director, Marketing
    (312) 775-4116

    Elida Solis
    senior specialist, Marketing
    (312) 775-4232

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