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Contracting Consultation

With tens of millions of dollars in demonstrated results, UHC has helped dozens of members get the most from their managed care contracts. This custom engagement with senior UHC experts results in a comprehensive set of negotiation priorities and contingency plans.

Contract Compass

This interactive benchmarking tool and packaged pricing model allows you to compare your managed care contracts with those of your peers on a national or regional basis. Focusing on specific areas of opportunity points you in the right direction for contracting success and revenue enhancement.

Revenue Cycle Pathfinder

The journey from a patient's first appointment through the collection of the final payment is fraught with a tempest of administrative processes and confusing payer requirements that threaten to toss an AMC's revenue against the rocks. This highly customized engagement provides onsite evaluation of your front-end processes and results in an action plan that maps your path to quick-hit revenue capture tactics.

Charge Navigator

Inadequate charges result in millions of dollars in lost revenue, typically through unrealized outlier opportunities on an AMC's most difficult clinical cases. Access this custom benchmarking service that compares your case-mix-adjusted charges with those of appropriate groups of national and regional peers, in aggregate and at the clinical-service line level. The result is a custom assessment of incremental revenue opportunities that can have an immediate positive impact on your bottom line.

Strategic Revenue Enhancement Partnerships

Leveraging its powerful databases and unmatched familiarity with the special needs and capabilities of AMCs, UHC has created unique partnerships with leading firms in the delivery of innovative and effective revenue enhancement strategies. Combining UHC’s strengths in diagnosing opportunity with the proven skills of industry leaders, these partnerships deliver unparalleled services to ensure that your revenue strategies are shipshape and yield optimal financial results.

Documentation Improvement Program - 3M™ DRG Assurance™

Through a unique partnership with UHC, 3M provides a DRG assurance program customized to meet the specific needs of academic medical centers (AMCs) where highly complex care is delivered. In this environment, gaps often exist between documentation that is captured at the bedside and coding that affects quality performance measures and reimbursement. The program is conducted in 3 phases: onsite assessment, training/consultation, and ongoing follow-up and performance monitoring.

UHC/Chamberlin Edmonds Comprehensive Eligibility Services

Create new revenue streams by securing government reimbursement for otherwise uninsured and underinsured patients. Access an exclusive range of services unavailable elsewhere in the market.

Executive Health Resources – The Physician Advisor Company

UHC has developed a strategic partnership with Executive Health Resources (EHR) that will make EHR's expert Physician Advisor solutions available to all UHC members. EHR is nationally recognized as the leading provider of medical necessity compliance solutions to more than 1,000 hospitals across the country. EHR's Physician Advisors help hospitals effectively manage clinical care, while maintaining regulatory compliance and sound financial performance. Participating UHC members will enjoy volume discounts that accrue based on the aggregate volume of all members combined.

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