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Performance Package Strongly Links Data, Performance Improvement

UHC offers comparative databases and performance improvement activities through the Performance Package. For a significantly discounted price, subscribers can access the Clinical Data Base (CDB), Clinical Resource Manager (CRM), Operational Data Base (ODB), and Imperatives for Quality (IQ) Program (formerly Benchmarking & Improvement Services).

Members that previously participated in the CDB, CRM, ODB, and IQ Program are now automatically enrolled in the Performance Package or can also choose separate enrollment in individual databases or the IQ Program. To take advantage of the full package, contact Cindy White, vice president, at (312) 775-4379. 

Clinical Data Base/Resource Manager

The Clinical Data Base/Resource Manager (CDB/RM) provides an expanded set of comparative data and analytic tools to support the clinical operations of member institutions.  Opportunities for improvement are identified by combining patient encounter level and line-item transactional detail to yield information on patient outcomes and high-impact resource utilization.

Clinical Data Quality Reports

Review UHC's Data Quality reports and identify unreasonable values for further study by hospital staff in collaboration with UHC staff.

CDB/RM Physician Insight

UHC's Physician Insight Report offers enhanced, user-friendly features that enable members to transform information into actionable intelligence. Designed by and for AMCs, Physician Insight is one of the tools to combine UHC’s incomparable physician data with virtually limitless options for viewing and manipulating the information.

Harris Analytics Suite

Harris Analytics Suite enables physicians and executive management to leverage the UHC Clinical Data Base/Resource Manager™ through a user-friendly graphical interface and the ability to drill down into service line and clinical service performance. Users can track their performance on clinical outcomes, patient safety, and utilization and compare it with that of their peer groups.

Executive Management Reports

Enhance patient satisfaction, increase scores, and maximize medicare reimbursement revenue with the Value Based Calculator.

Improve performance and reduce cost, through the Quality and Spend Scorecard.

Management Reports

Snapshots of organizational performance on critical clinical, operational, and financial metrics are distributed to all participants on a quarterly basis.

Core Measures

The UHC Clinical Data Base Fast Track product has met the criteria for inclusion in the accreditation process and is included on The Joint Commission’s list of acceptable vendors. The UHC Clinical Data Base Fast Track product is committed to meeting future criteria established by The Joint Commission.

Operational Data Base

The Operational Data Base (ODB) provides meaningful comparisons of operational performance measures among institutions with similar characteristics. The database uses Thomson Reuters' standardized ACTION O-I data collection and reporting tools overlaid with UHC’s reporting capabilities, which currently include the Key Indicator Report and the Efficiency Management Report.

Financial Performance

The financial Performance Report uses participants' revenue data to identify individual opportunities to drive profitability and offers insights for timely decision making.

UHC Nursing Quality Data Base™

The UHC Nursing Quality Data Base™ (NQDB) provides subscribers with comparative reporting tools for nursing quality data. This database supports subscribers' efforts to improve the delivery of nursing care, achieve and maintain Magnet status in nursing, and be recognized as national leaders in nursing quality.

Patient Satisfaction

UHC offers contracts for patient satisfaction measurement services with Press Ganey Associates and Avatar Solutions.
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A real-time event reporting system to increase awareness of patient safety.

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Supply Chain Informatics

Meaningful comparisons on key spending metrics.

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A joint program with the AAMC, which offers support to academic faculty physician practices.

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