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Supported Internet Browsers for the UHC Web Site

Supported Browsers

All applications on UHC’s Web site are compatible with Internet Explorer 7.0, 8.0, 9.0 and Firefox 27.0.

Supported browser means that:

  • UHC developers will develop new code or modify existing code that will work with the supported browsers.
  • Web site problems associated with a supported version of a browser will be repaired. However, functionality problems associated with a browser version that is not supported—e.g., Chrome 1.0—will not be repaired.
  • Although UHC applications are compatible with both Internet Explorer and Firefox, there may be some functionality that works better on one than the other. For example, PSN, SpendLINK, and FPSC reports work on both platforms, but the user experience is much better with Internet Explorer than with Firefox. This is because the former allows the user to drag and drop dimensions and measures from within the reporting tool. These are features inherent to the specific browsers. Requests to make the user experience similar to that offered by another browser will not be considered in such cases.

Changes in Browser Standards

UHC will add a (usually newer) browser/version to the list of supported browsers if:
  • User base browser usage pattern changes based on Web usage statistics 
  • The industry deems a supported browser unstable, insecure, or otherwise technically flawed
  • UHC determines that functionality that is found in a specific browser/version is needed

Final adoption of a new browser requires that the UHC Web site and all Web site products function properly with the browser/version. Final corporate acceptance of a browser/version will require complete regression testing of all products.

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