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Access Denied to Web Pages

Access to the Specific Pages and Documents

The majority of the pages and documents on the UHC Web site are secured to members or program participants.  If you believe you are wrongly denied access to a UHC document or Web page, please contact the UHC Webmaster at webmaster@uhc.edu.

Access to UHC Database Applications

UHC database applications are secured to participants (e.g., Clinical Data Base, Nurse Residency Program™ ). Subscription requests such as Clinical Data Base, Patient Safety Net®, and Nurse Residency Program™ may require additional participation fees, licenses, or additional security rights to access that area of the UHC Web site. Verification must be performed and approved by UHC staff. They must approve the request before granting access. This process may take up to five business days. 

Request access by contacting the webmaster@uhc.edu.

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