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Browser Settings for the UHC Web Site

To ensure an optimal experience on the UHC Web site, please apply the following browser settings.  Instructions for Internet Explorer users are provided.  Questions on browser settings should be handled with your internal technical team.

1. Set your browser to obtain the newest version of a page on every visit

Go to Tools > Internet Options > Settings button or tab

Under “Check for newer versions of stored pages”, click the radio button next to “Every visit to the page” then OK.

2. Delete all files in temporary Internet files

Go to Tools > Internet Options > General tab

Under “Browsing history”, select “Delete…” button, on the next screen, check the  “Temporary Internet Files” box and the Delete button, then OK.

3. Enable Cookies

Go to Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Sites > add uhc.edu, “allow”, and OK.

4. Enable JavaScript and Flash

Consult with your technical team

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