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Clinical Data Base/Resource Manager

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The Clinical Data Base/Resource Manager (CDB/RM) provides an expanded set of comparative data and analytic tools to support the clinical operations of member institutions. Opportunities for improvement are identified by combining patient encounter level and line-item transactional detail to yield information on patient outcomes and high-impact resource utilization.

Users can:

  • Access two individual interfaces to create complex data queries (report BUILDER) or quickly access template reports (report EXPRESS) for high-level overviews of performance
  • Measure variation within and across hospitals
  • Identify trends and practice patterns
  • Standardize resource use
  • Monitor the appropriate use of selected resources by clinical discipline
  • View patient level data for additional insight
  • Design targeted interventions to improve patient outcomes


  • Transparent comparisons from over 200 academic medical centers and their affiliate hospitals located across the country
  • Risk-adjusted, secure data at the patient and physician levels
  • Data on patient outcomes, including mortality rates, length of stay, complication rates, readmission rates, intensive care use, and cost by service area
  • Management-level reports that alert senior leaders to trends, areas for improvement and opportunity, areas of success, and detailed insights not easily identified without the unique perspective that UHC provides
  • Ability to download patient-and-transaction level information directly back into users' servers for incorporation into existing internal systems and reports
  • Reports that focus on outpatient activity
  • UHC Clinical Data Base/Resource Manager online tool
  • Data for flexible, self-generated analytics and reports
  • Report EXPRESS area with template and canned reports
  • Physician Insight to understand physician activity and variation


Executive Management Reports

Improve performance and reduce cost, through the Quality and Spend Scorecard or enhance patient satisfaction, increase scores and maximize medicare reimbursement revenue with the Value-Based Purchasing Calculator.

Management Reports

Participating hospitals can benchmark openly with other hospitals by reviewing five UHC-generated quarterly management reports

Networking and Collaboration Opportunities
  • Connect with other participants via the (CDB/RM) listserver
  • Engage with experts during conference calls and user group meetings
  • Learn best practices during Web conferences and facilitated networking events
  • Access the support help line
  • Comprehensive learning opportunities through regularly offered training
Who Should Use This Tool
  • Clinical and operational department leaders
  • Functional department leaders
  • Performance improvement leaders

For More Information

Steve Meurer, PhD - senior vice president, Comparative Data & Informatics
Gary Schumacher - senior director, CDI member services & business development, Comparative Data & Informatics

Steve Meurer, PhD, Gary Schumacher

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